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We would really like you to be part of out email list. We send out notifications of changes to our site and anything important related to our GDI effort. This includes new ways to promote GDI and build your downline as well as acilliary income generation opportunities that go hand in hand with the GDI income generation excercise. We are here to put dollars in our bank and for no other reason.

The GDI mailing list is an important communication tool to keep you up to date with the latest developments. We know how hard it is to check everything to do with GDI. It is a mission to read all the bulletin boards and generally keep up to date. Joining our email list is a no brainer and if you do not like it you can unsubscribe at will.

Please note our system is a double opt in system so you will receive an email from us confirming you want to join. We do this to ensure we comply with the spam requirements. I am sorry for the extra step but we try our very best to be professional in all our activities.

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