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Email Marketing

You will of course know that you can promote your GDI business using Email marketing. Remember you have to comply with the GDI Spam rules or risk being suspended!

Look at our Email Examples page which is here.. If you are approaching leads from a lead source you must send a cleaner email as the very first message!

Being successful at Email marketing:-

We have assembled a number of email marketing tools to get you on your way they are listed below. The most important is the top one which fills you in on the do's and don'ts. If you are new and do not want to burn you fingers this is a must buy!
  • Email Marketing Secrets Get Derek Gehl's email marketing secrets by clicking here! This document provides a blow by blow plan of how to win at the email marketing game! Truly a worthwhile buy! If you are new to this arena, this is an absolute must. Let me guess - You get hardly any response to your email offers... You send out promotions that you think are pretty good -- but you never see more than a handful of sales or leads... Frequently, your subscribers don't even OPEN your messages! Derek Gehl explains how to get over this hurdle!

  • Your Lucky List
    A free tool you can add to your email marketing aresenal is Your Lucky List. Your Lucky List places you in TWO matrixes with recruits above and below you. This is a safe and free way of getting you very quick access to a safe list that you can email without running foul of any controls. It will generate emails into your inbox but that is part of the price. You can read about it and join at the link above. The big trick with Your Lucky Matrix is to watch your position every Monday when they randomly regenerate the second matrix. This is a clever idea.

  • Traffic Wave
    This is the Auto Responder service we use and recommend at Ultimate Rep. It is easy to use, flexible and well backed up. Traffic Wave's compensation system makes this an ideal companion to your GDI or any multi level marketing system. Brian Rooney provides comprehensive training instructions on how to set up your autoresponder and the site provides all sorts of additional features like ad trackers and banner exchanges. This is our auto responder of choice. Get your Traffic Wave Autoresponder here.

  • Empowerism is our personal favorite as an adjunct to GDI. Not only are we making money out of Empowerism but we are adding to our GDI downline as we go because their email system and lead sources are of ultra high quality. Empowerism is the fourth true high quality system we have seen since we started on the net in 1996.

    Go check it out there are dollars to be made. In fact if you join Empowerism with their Fast Track option, I will refund your first month's fee to a Alert Pay or Paypal account of your choice. NB - This is for the fast track option only and I am only able to pay to a PayPal or Alert Pay account. In order to take up this offer, you must send me an email with "I joined Empowerism" as the subject and your PayPal or Alert Pay account email in the body. This email must be sent to I am sorry for this restriction but our spam filters may filter you out and by doing this we know we will get the email. I will send you the refund as soon as I see you confirmed in my downline. This is a no-brainer system. They do all the work.

    At the very least take the opportunity to get Empowerism's free email marketing course and look at a free copy of a back issue of Excellence Magazine. Get the free email marketing course here - it's well worth it. As I said above, I have been doing this since 1996 and I learned some valuable lessons! Empowerism provides you with a set of step by step emails which will literally take you by the hand and lead you through a process of logical moves to a finite financial goal. Their backend is awesome and their support is out of the top drawer.

  • Vertical Response
    With iBuilder, it's easy to send professionally designed, attention-getting HTML emails and then watch as the results roll in. iBuilder from VerticalResponse handles it all - and that includes technical support!

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