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Examples of follow up emails

Here are a number of example email scripts you can use to follow up when potential customers view the movie. They are courtesy of various members of GDI and have been reproduced here with thanks. Please feel free to cut, copy, paste, edit and change as you see fit.

We suggest you modify them slightly and use your own words. The examples are examples. We also suggest you look at our signatures page to see about writing good signatures in your emails

Please visit Marvin Drobes' website Wealth 411 for more email and phone script examples if you need them. Marvin is very good at this and his examples are tried and tested. You can also listen to what they sound like.

We have nine seperate example pages of examples for you:-
  1. Page 1 which has all the Recruiting Email Examples on it.

  2. Page 2 which has all the Follow Up Email Examples on it.

  3. Page 3 which has all the Recruiting Letter Examples on it.

  4. Page 4 which has all the Recruiting Phone Scripts on it.

  5. Page 5 which has all the Classified Ad Examples.html on it.

  6. Page 6 which has all the Flyer Information on it.

  7. Page 7 which has all the Promotional Images on it.

  8. Page 8 which has all the Signature Examples on it.

  9. Page 9 which has all the GDI Linking Codes on it.

Follow Up Email examples:-

Email script courtesy of Nicole. This email is sent to anyone who has viewed the movie. You are notified of this by GDI every time this happens. The suggested subject of the email is "What Did You Think of the Red Ferrari Movie?" or something similar

Hello Prospects Name

Thank you for taking your time to look at my GDI website, the one with the 7 minute Red Ferrari movie. That animated presentation has helped me build an organization of affiliates all over the world!

I hope that YOU will seriously think about joining this "Once In A Lifetime" opportunity. We have all heard that expression, but believe me I have struggled for years trying to build a residual income that would help me become financially independent. I refused to give up, and I am glad I didn't because I truly feel that GDI is my reward for hanging in there. Every single month my check has grown. I am confident that this will continue to grow.

If you ever had the dream to become wealthy beyond your wildest imagination, than take the action to make it happen. The time could never be better, I am sure you have seen how the computer has changed our lives. We now can order whatever we want from the comfort of our homes, and because of this technology you are seeing another revolution explode, and that is the home-based business revolution.

If you take this simple $10.00 a month program, that caters to the masses all over the world and learn how to use the tools to market it online there is nothing stopping you from reaching your dreams. We have a system,we have live training calls, live conference calls and responsible people above you to help you.

Global Domains International has impeccable credentials, this global business attracts people all over the world, and they will soon come out with the Red Ferrari website in 10 languages.

It is really YOUR time to ride a wave, one that will help you achieve whatever you want out of life. Nobody can stop you, but YOU.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions that you may have.

(Then list your contact information)

Email script courtesy of Brian Perrone. This email is another example of an email sent to anyone who has viewed the movie. You are notified of this by GDI every time this happens. The suggested subject of the email is "Prospects Name - An important message from Your Name!" or something similar

Hello Prospects Name,

Thank you for viewing my movie with the Red Ferrari.
The following information has the power to change your life forever.
If you've been seeking information from other business opportunities Prospects Name, let me say this first - THIS COMPANY IS DIFFERENT.

So - What's Different?
At the end of THIS message - I'm not going to ask you for ANY money.
At the end of THIS message -I'm not going to try to SELL you anything, and - Prospects Name, at the end of THIS message - you can get started with THIS company - TODAY - for FREE.

You see, this is an HONEST opportunity to make as much extra money as you want or need - without limits - backed by an excellent product, and a powerhouse Global company.

Global Domains International, or GDI, is part of the top 50 fastest growing, privately held corporations in the USA. You'll be working with this enormously successful, Inc. 500 listed, and completely debt free Internet company. This company is featured in the business sections of major newspapers nationwide, and raved about in publications like Entrepreneur magazine.

Real people like you and I, worldwide, can earn a great deal of money. This is a reliable income that grows with each passing month.

Prospects Name, you are probably thinking "How's this possible?"

That's the amazing part!

Believe it or not .I DON'T want you to do any selling!
Many of my partners have never spoken to anyone at all about this business, and are still earning tremendous paychecks. If this sounds too good to be true, bear with me and I'll explain how this is possible.

To See How . Go To: Sign up today for FREE
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you need assistance getting started. Our Team is so COMMITTED to your success.

Prospects Name, please enjoy the 7 Day FREE Trial, and I assure you that you will be happy you came aboard.

I am truly looking forward to working with you.

Go to: Sign up
today for FREE!

Thanks again, and feel free to contact me with ANY questions that you may have!

Your Signature

Email script example that could also be used as a recruiting email

Hi Prospects Name,

One factor that makes GDI the most powerful opportunity in network marketing history is that EVERYONE can try it FREE - including you! You'll have 7 full days to check out what we have to offer you. You can try out our product by building your own web site at your own domain name, and even try our business opportunity, FREE. This is unheard of in our industry, but we're doing it because we know that after you've learned more about GDI, you'll want to remain with us.

You can go to to register your domain and build your web site RIGHT NOW! For FREE! I'm so confident that I can help you make money fast, that if this system that I'm recommending to you doesn't do everything I say it does and more, or if you're unhappy with the our product for any reason, you can cancel your account and you'll never be charged a penny. Isn't it worth 5 minutes of your time to check out this potentially life changing opportunity right now?

Get started now! If you keep doing what you're doing now, you'll keep getting what you're getting now. Nothing changes, if nothing changes!

Your Signature

Email script courtesy of Marvin Drobes

Hello Prospects Name,

I hope you enjoyed the GDI presentation and stayed on the site long enough to see the power of this wonderful opportunity, and to learn that it's FREE to get started right away.

I hope you stayed around long enough to learn that:

GDI is an Inc500 ranked company: #37th fastest growing in the USA
Our industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry
Experts predict that 500 million domain names will be registered per year within 10 years

Please contact me immediately with any questions you have:

Your Signature

Another Email script courtesy of Marvin Drobes

Hello Prospects Name,

My name is Your Name and I wanted to thank you for visiting Please know that this is not some automated email but just a quick personal note from me to you.

I realized that you may be just like me and after viewing our short movie presentation. that you may have questions. I know I did and was sure glad to be able to speak with a live person to have them answered. That is the reason for this note, I want to answer any lingering questions you have and invite you to join me in this opportunity.

In fact you may join FREE, and give us a "spin" to prove to yourself that this is something that you can be successful in earning an additional income of from a few hundred to perhaps thousands of dollars per month. The question is if you chose not to try, will you ever know if opportunity had knocked on your door?

Your Signature

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