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GDI Bonuses and Rewards

GDI offers a number of performance based bonuses. Here is a brief listing of the current available bonuses:-

When GDI make updates to the contests they are running, they will list any changes in the email that is sent every Monday, so you are always aware of the many ways you can earn a bonus! Be sure to read the email. The bonuses listed below were as of June 2005.

GDI recently completed programming on the downline compression system! This is something that affiliates have been asking about for a long time. It was a major undertaking, but it's now in place.

For those of you who have been working hard to build your GDI downline, this could mean an instant increase in your monthly commission checks. Instead of explaining all the boring details of how the compression programming works, we'll just sum it up by explaining the benefit to you.

When someone in your downline fully completes the cancellation of their GDI account, their downline will now "roll up", and the empty position created by the person who cancelled will be filled by the next active member downline from them. Compression will happen in real-time as cancellation of an account is finalized. Full cancellation occurs shortly after someone requests the closing of their account, and is different than an "inactive" account. An account may have an inactive status for various reasons, such as a payment not going through properly.

Basically, each fully cancelled position in your downline that you were not earning money on will now be worth $1 per month to you, as long as the person who cancelled had at least one person in THEIR organization. As you continue to grow and build your GDI organization, the additional income resulting from automatic real-time compression could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to you.

And better yet, compression will bring many of you much closer to reaching the "Master Affiliate" status and earning the GDI Infinity Bonus, which allows you to earn $1 per month on every account in your organization on levels 6 through infinity, payable down to the next qualifying Master Affiliate in any given leg.

Keep your eye on the weekly email for new information on contests and programming upgrades that will positively effect your GDI earnings!

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