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Making GDI Business Cards with Microsoft Word

If you would like to make your own GDI Business cards using Microsoft Word, there are instructions below.

If you are not a Word fan, you can also download free software from Avery to build cards using Avery standard stock paper which is available from most reputable stationers and office supply stores. You can either use Avery's online builder or download the free version of DesignPro5 and do it on your own machine at home.

If you would just like to buy cards online, you can get 250 business cards for free from VistaPrint. You just have to pay the shipping and handling.

The images we use in our Business Cards are in our business card gallery if you want to download them. If you want to put a small photograph of yourself on your card, we suggest having it professionally taken so you look your very best :).

Here are the instructions to build a card using Microsoft Word:-

1) Open the File menu -> New -> Blank Document.
2) Open the Tools menu -> Envelopes and Labels -> Labels -> Options.
4) Select "Avery Standard" in the "Label Product" menu.
5) Select "3612 - Business Card" in the "Product number" drop down.
6) Click "New Document". A label template appears with the correct margins for a business card. Type in a name for your project and click OK.
7) Click "New Document". A full page should appear with grid lines on it.
8) Select Picture from the Insert menu and browse your files for a picture or your logo to put on your card.
9) Adjust the graphic to the size you want.
10) Choose a font for the text and type your name and business address.
11) Type your e-mail address, fax number and phone number.
12) Copy and paste your design into each space on the page.
13) Make use of the "Print Preview" command to see how the cards will look.
14) Save your design when you have it exactly the way you want it.
15) Load a blank sheet of ordinary paper into you printer and print a test page.
16) Make any adjustments necessary.
17) Load your blank business card stock into the printer.
18) Print your cards and you are done.

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