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How to use the GDI Invitation System

On this page are instructions about how to send out invitations to your prospects using the GDI control panel. Please look at our leads page to find concise instructions on how to find fresh cost efficient leads for the GDI program

Remember, if you need to remove someone from the GDI mailing system go to and fill in the email address to be removed. This is an important URL - so please go there now and bookmark it. Spam is grounds for suspension at GDI!

This is what you need to do to use the invitation system:-

  1. Go to your main login page
    Remember to substitute you own USERID

  2. Login to the main control panel.

  3. Go down the menu on the left and click on "Invite".

  4. You should be in a panel like this:-".

Send invitation mails form for user: userid
 You have 100 invitation credits left for today. 

To help curb SPAM complaints, we have started using an invite credit system that rewards you for leads that actually click through to the GDI presentation.

To start with, you will have 100 invite credits for each 24 hour period. You will earn an additional 3 invite credits for each unique person who clicks through to the GDI movie from the link in your invites. If you carefully select who you send your invites to by talking to your prospects in advance and making sure they are willing to watch the movie, it can amount to an unlimited number of invite credits.

Invite credits are reset to 100 each night at midnight Pacific time.

Your message
Your contact details
(click link above to change your information)
    First Name:  Last Name:  Email:
Enter referral contact details
    First Name:  Last Name:  Email:



IMPORTANT:You may use this invitation system to send emails ONLY to people who know of you personally (or to the opt-in leads of opportunity seekers you may acquire in the "Leads" area). "SPAM" emails are strictly forbidden and grounds for immediate termination.

Now by way of explanation, here is how this works:-

In the top row entitled "Subject", you will see the words - "%first_name% %last_name%'s Internet Address for Life?". The %first_name% part is called a variable and will automatically put each of your prospects' first names in the subject. The %last_name% part is another variable and will put your prospects' last names in the subject. You can alter the subject to anything you want or anything you think is eyecatching. It's a good idea to use at least one of the %first_name% and %last_name% variables somewhere in the subject as people generally open mails with their name in it.

Each day the GDI mailer allows you to send 100 emails. If one of your prospects watches the movie you get three extra credits per movie view. So if, for example, you send say five invitations and two of them watch the movie, you would be allowed to send 106 invites for the day.

Now you should test the system. Send just one invitation to someone you know. This could be yourself. It's simple, just take a piece of paper and sit quietly for 10 minutes and write down 5 people who could use a personal web site or five people who could use some extra cash. It could be anyone - your children, your relations, your friends, college students, the maintenance guy, the teachers at school, friends overseas, someone getting married, a musician, someone starting a business. The list is endless. Just make a list and pick the single most likely individual and his or her first name, last name and email address into the top row of the invitation system. Make sure you start the names with a Capital Letter as the system sends the names exactly as you enter them. Now hit the "Send Your Invitations" button. You win if you try! Did you press the button? You see it was so easy.

Ok so that wasn't so bad. Now there should be four more names on your list. Put them in the form and press the "Send Your Invitations" button. You are on the road to success! Now make a list of a five more people for tomorrow. Here is a list of potential people to jog your memory:-

Who needs extra money?
Who needs a website?
Who is money motivated?
Who's out of work?
Who wants freedom?
Family members?
High energy people?
Needs extra money?
Works part time jobs?
People with hobbies?
Church Groups?
Support Groups?
Bible Classes?
Who has been laid off?
Who's in MLM?
Who has lots of time?
Reads self help books?
Your parents' friends?
Who does your taxes?
Works in your bank?
Who is in sales?
Who needs a new car?
Your neighbors?
Likes to help people?
Who your friends know?
Who watches TV often?
Who likes the internet?
Who delivers your mail?
Works at the grocery?
Owns a small business?
Who works at home?
Who is a work at home mom?
Who is a work at home dad Who is a single parent?
Who is pregnant?
Who has a new baby?
Who is getting married?
Who is getting engaged?

Who is getting divorced?
Who recently lost a loved one?
Who are your friends?
Who is in college?
Who is at school with you?
Who went to school with you?
Who gave you a business card?
Friends who are models?
Friends who are musicians?
Friends who are entertainers?
Friends who teach?
Who's their own boss?
Who wants freedom?
Who is successful?
Who's Your dentist?
Works with kids?
Who you look up to?
Who cuts your hair?
Who does your nails?
Who teaches?
Who likes to dance?
Who likes to hike?
Who goes to gym?
Who wants a vacation?
Who Attends church?
Who likes animals?
Who repairs your house?
Works with fundraisers?
Who will help you?
Likes to buy things?
Calls you at home?
Who recycles?
Needs a web site?
Who talks on the phone?
Who bought a new home?
Who bought a new car
Who bought a cellphone?

Who owns a boat?
Who owns a motorbike?
Who has a new computer?
Who plays baseball?
Who plays football?
Who plays tennis?
Who sews?
Who knits?
Who's your doctor?
Who's your dentist?
Who's your optician?
Who's your lawyer?
Who's your therapist?
Who's your insurance broker?
Who's your dietitian?
Who's your vet?
Who works nights?
Who needs more time?
Who is a social worker?
Who looks up to you?
Who is your boss?
Who is Self motivated?
Works in restaurants?
On your wedding list?
Who you like the least?
Who is disabled?
Wants a promotion?
Who sold you your car?
Who likes team sports?
Works on computers?
Someone you met on a plane?
Someone you met on a train?
Someone you met on a ferry?
Who have you helped?
Who builds web sites?
Who likes to garden?
Who you met at a party?
Who is unhappy with their income

Out of the questions above, you should be able to easily identify five prospects to invite into your downline. Please send out the invitations and watch your downline multiply at an astonishing rate. It just requires 10 minutes of effort on your part to get started. Do it now while we are talking about it. Remember the wise words:- "He who hesitates is lost!

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