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GDI and your phone.

As a GDI agent, your phone is an important part of your sales arsenal. The first thing you should do is visit 1-Plus Long Distance and see if you have the best phone deal you can find. We totally recommend a visit to them as they will probably halve your phone bill. In particular you should look at their broad band phones. A broadband phone costs as little as $20/month all in and gives you unlimited local and long distance calls in the USA and Canada.

Buy leads with phone numbers and do this:-

There is considerable evidence that if you buy leads on the internet, you should only buy the ones with phone numbers. Please call them and ask them if you can send them an email about a great opportunity. Get their email address and tell them the subject of the email they should look out for. If they are not interested, don't send the email. If they are, send them a SHORT, CONCISE email with the URL of your website all personalized. This is a truly hot prospect.!! This is what the top players at GDI are doing. This is incredibly successful! Spend just half an hour a day doing this and you will make a lot of money.

GDI's toll free autoresponder:-

GDI offers you a toll free autoresponder which plays a pre-recorded message. Before you show a prospect the movie, you will want to first establish that they are interested in making more money, and that they are willing to invest a few minutes of their time to learn more about our unique home business. GDI refer to this as "THE SHORT "SIZZLE" CALL"

Direct people in the Continental USA to 1.800.MY.DOT.WS (1-800-693-6897).
Direct international prospects to 760-602-3030. This is a US number so they must dial the US access code first.

This short call is designed to pique a person's interest. If the information does not interest them, then you don't need to spend any more time with that prospect. If they ARE interested by what they hear, then it's time to move them into the program.

Your own personalized auto responder:-

GDI also offer a service where you can have a toll free number with your own message. Experience shows people will phone a recorded message rather than having to argue with a live person. You should always let your prospects know that the phone number you are asking them to dial is for recorded information only. Many of them won't risk picking up the phone if they think someone on the other end is going to answer and try selling something to them, but THEY WILL CALL to listen to a short recorded message. GDI provide a great personal deal on your own tollfree voicemail. You can see the details at

GDI and Conference Call Training:-

GDI regularly have training conference calls which are well worth listening too and particiipating in. You will receive the dates and times by email along with the phone numbers and pin codes. You can also listen online provided you have a copy of Hot Conference installed on your computer. Join the conference via your web connection by downloading your free HotConference software at . When you download the software it will automatically be saved to your computer. Install the software and test the functionality by going into the conference room and doing an audio and listening check.

Cold Calling and phone scripts:-

Finally if you are into cold calling, please visit Marvin Drobes' website Wealth 411 for a number of email and phone script examples. Marvin is very good at this and his examples are tried and tested. You can also listen to what they sound like.

You can also get a free CD from Growth Pro. The CD is entitled "KILLER Secrets to Telephone Recruiting" and focuses on teaching you how to lead prospects through an organized, step-by-step method that introduces your business in a way that makes them want to join.

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