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Examples of signatures

Here are a number of signature slogans you can use to attract new customers. You put them at the end of an email to help attract attention. Alternatively you use them as part of your signature on any media you have to sign. They are courtesy of various members of GDI and have been reproduced here with thanks. Please feel free to cut, copy, paste, edit and change as you see fit.

Please visit Marvin Drobes' website Wealth 411 for more email and phone script examples if you need them. Marvin is very good at this and his examples are tried and tested. You can also listen to what they sound like.

We have nine seperate example pages of examples for you:-
  1. Page 1 which has all the Recruiting Email Examples on it.

  2. Page 2 which has all the Follow Up Email Examples on it.

  3. Page 3 which has all the Recruiting Letter Examples on it.

  4. Page 4 which has all the Recruiting Phone Scripts on it.

  5. Page 5 which has all the Classified Ad Examples.html on it.

  6. Page 6 which has all the Flyer Information on it.

  7. Page 7 which has all the Promotional Images on it.

  8. Page 8 which has all the Signature Examples on it.

  9. Page 9 which has all the GDI Linking Codes on it.


Always use a catchy slogan in your signature. Always put your first and last name, your website address, your email address and your phone number in your signature. It presents a professional appearance and finishes a document off well. All of this goes to make the recipient feel they can contact you and also that you are proud to associate your name with the GDI product.

So for example:-

Warmest Regards

James Bond
phone:- 0800 007 007 07
The sharpest spy school in the world!

Just an idea - using a PS after a signature is another way of adding a message to get your prospect hooked.

Here are some example slogans being used by GDI members:-

  1. Success is what YOU make of it!

  2. You miss 100% of the shots you never take!

  3. Show off your DOT! Don't have one?
    I got your DOT right Here!

  4. Got Dot? Why Not? It PAYS!

  5. Hate your job?

Try it absolutely free for 7 Days!
Is your name available?
Are you too late?