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Automation is King

Your GDI efforts must be pain free and automatic. This is a logical step in your efforts to promote GDI. We need to automate our efforts to get the absolute maximum return for the absolute minimum effort. We want the free time to do our own thing right?

Well here are two great tools you should get to get you started in automating your efforts:-

Password and Identity Managers:-

  • A1 Roboform. We have used Roboform Pro for the last 5 years. It is a painless way of managing your passwords and ID's. The software sits on your computer and remembers whatever page you are on and offers to fill in your ID and password as appropriate. It is perfectly capable of filling in complex forms if necessary. The whole thing is encrypted and protected by a master password. We recommend you get the free version and then upgrade to the Pro Version in due course. You can get A1 Roboform here!

Clipboard Extenders:-

  • Clipmate 7. Once again we have used Clipmate for years. It is a painless way of managing your repetitive copy and pasting tasks like filling in URLS and website descriptions and copying web page headers. What a clip board extender does is remember everything you have copied in a database so it is there for you to use again.

    Clipmate holds hundreds of clips, across reboots. Powerful editing, re-formatting, combining, change case, drag and drop, etc.. Many Internet features - save and revisit web pages, launch URLs , even view HTML tags as actual HTML. Now even includes a spell checker!

    We recommend you get the free 30 day trial version and take it for a test run. In the first few weeks of your GDI business you will find it an invaluable tool to help you get started. You can get Clipmate 7 here!

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