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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is an incredibly powerful method of building downline for your GDI business. The principle is to provide your downline with SUPERB support either in the form of emails or newsletters or ebooks or ezines with VALUABLE and easy to use information. You must encourage your downline to pass the information on to whoever they recruit. If the information is genuine and has VALUE it gets passed on with incredible speed - particularly if it is FREE.

Ads of Gold

  • One of the neatest viral marketing tools we have seen is Ads of Gold. Not only is this a great money generator but it is an awesome traffic generator. This is a great place to advertise your GDI site and make money while you do so. Check it out here. For a $20 one time payment you get your own Ads of Gold subdomain for life. This is superb value for your advertising buck. Interestingly if you recruit just one person and it goes to six levels ONCE you will recover an absolute minimum of three of your four $5 payments. If it spreads as it is designed to do the earning potential for very little effort is beyond belief. Great value and a very clever idea! Most importantly this is a one time spend!

Viral Classified (Free to join)

  • Viral Classified is Ads of Gold's companion site and is also a deluxe viral marketing tool. Take 5 minutes and join Viral Classified for free. You will recieve your own viral classified website TOTALLY FREE. This is an awesome traffic generator. This is a great place to advertise your GDI site at no cost. Check it out here. Viral Classified offers a Premium Upgrade which more than doubles your advertising power for $20/month and provides a residual income as extra incentive. The Premium Version is a very good income generator and well worth the investment.

Join Ultimate Rep!

  • Take a long hard look at Ultimate Rep where we have combined all our GDI working strategies into one money making site. This site was conceived and built by Kevin Anderson and enhanced by me, Arne Rodhall and Tony Brunson. It's the one totally composite site for all GDI members. Join one of the most attractive FREE business opportunities on today's market with absolutely no cost to join, FREE web site, FREE subdomain, FREE support and more! We dedicated a whole page here at GDI Made Easy to Ultimate Rep. See it all here!

Butterfly Marketing

  • Buy yourself a copy of Mike Filsaime's butterfly marketing manuscript. If you are really serious about this business, this 125 page document lays it all out for you! The principle of butterfly marketing is well established and revolves around the principle of small changes to your marketing strategies result in big changes in revenues. The manuscript lays out how to identify and implement these small changes. Buy it, print it out and reap the benefits for yourself. You can buy the manuscript online here! I have been doing this for 9 years and this was an absolute eye opener!

Viral Marketing Techniques

  • This is very important! This is a great way of getting new prospects. In fact you can discover this great technique for FREE by going to Downline Secrets. James Grandstaff, the author and owner of Downline Secrets reveals how his GDI downline snowballed to over 5,700 members using only free traffic and a simple 3 step marketing strategy. Alternatively download my branded manuscript also at no cost. Get your FREE copy of my BRANDED MANUSCRIPT HERE.

If you need cheap leads to generate downline for yourself please go to our leads page where you will find leads that work. Our leads page is here! Our Promoting you Site Page is here and our Internet marketing Page is here.

All of these are capable of accelerating your earning power and are well worth the visit. Even if you elect not to promote the build a website system from GDI, you should promote your new .ws domain by visiting each one of the above search engines or search engine optimization sites. Do this today and get the traffic you need.

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